Tips for short cocktail dresses


Looking for short cocktail dresses? We help you to find the right one.

A social gathering like the cocktail format is usually an occasion that ranges from a casual wedding in the morning to an evening event.

For that reason, the types of clothes for a cocktail are very varied. However, they all are based on the main characteristic: the casual dress, less formal than a gala event, but never informal. As we mentioned above, there are different types of events, which imply a particular dress.

It will depend on factors such as the time in which the event is performed or the type of celebration. For this reason, Jovani, an important brand in the fashion industry, gives us tips to choose ideals short cocktail dresses.


A cocktail is an event that is in the middle of a label event and an informal event. That’s why, since you do not have a solid dress code, you have some freedom to choose cocktail dresses. Of course, some patterns must be followed when attending this event.

A cocktail dress is characterized by being short since it is a semi-formal dress option. The specific length of the occasion is approximately up to the knee. This may depend on the time and type of event, since the length may be short or long. However, it can never be a long dress, nor too short for a nightclub.

The choice of color and fabric should be based on the occasion of the event, without neglecting the most important thing: that it favors your silhouette. At the time you search for short cocktail dresses, you must take into account that it is a type of dress that makes you look elegant and sophisticated. It does not have to be very informal, but not excessively glamorous either. If you get the balance between these situations, you will achieve success. Therefore, very pronounced necklines and excess brightness are not good options. It is not about choosing a dress with which you go unnoticed, but you cannot stand out too much either.

The color of the short cocktail dress can be according to the colors you like or those that best fit your skin. The best thing about this stage is that you can dare to use trend colors. You can leave aside, the classic black or gray. The idea is that you attend discreet and modern.


An event in the morning has its own rules. So, the ideal thing is to attend with an embroidered dress, print and pastel colors and flashy colors. Also, the length of the dress can be three fingers below the knee, or they can be a little shorter. The accessories can be much more daring than those that are usually used for the night or afternoon. Find a balance between your dresses and accessories!

As for your makeup, it must be very soft and sober. But if your personality requieres, you can add soft touches of striking colors, like neon tones.


For an afternoon cocktail, the best you can do is attend it with a short cocktail dress in one color, opposed to a cocktail in the morning. You can choose the color that you like but without prints. Also, the makeup should be a little more daring and, to contrast, the accessories should be more discreet.

On the other hand, depending on the time of the year of the cocktail, you can add a coat or jacket of the same tone of your dress. The shoes are also important, so make sure they follow the same rules as the dress, that way your complete outfit will look appropriate to the type of event.


In general most of the events happen during the night. Remember that short cocktail dresses cannot be too short, sexy or with a very pronounced neckline. However, because it is at night, some of those characteristics can be allowed. The color that all girls bet on is black. This is because it is the favorite color of the night. The appropriate accessories are the high sandals and a black or gold clutch.