The Methods and the Hair Extension Cost

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Hair extension cost is depending on many factors. There is indeed a statement that the cost for hair extension must be expensive. Actually, it is not exactly like that. Undeniably, the process of connecting the original to the additional hair may take time. Besides, for the best result, the hair extension chosen must also be really qualified. The price for the hair itself can be already expensive anyway. The methods for this beauty treatment are various. Each of them has its own cost as well. Here are the explanations anyway. You could read more explanations on


Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions are considered the easiest and cheapest methods of hair extension. Why? It is only about clipping the additional to your original hair. Even, it is also said that anybody can just use it although the results are different based on the experiences. This extension is temporary in which you can attach and release it whenever you want. Although you can do it by using hairstylist service, you can also try to apply this extension at home. The price range for buying and attaching clip-on extensions is approximately $150-$300.

Hidden Crown Extensions

This is basically the newest method of temporary hair extension. The additional hair is attached on a rubber band and you must wear it under your natural hair. The only con about this method is your head probably feels dizzy because of the rubber band. This extension is easy, simple, safe, without side effect, and of course cheap. The price range for this one is around $229-$269 on


Bonding Extensions

You can call it as a semi-permanent hair extension. Yes, the way to attach it is by using hair glue. There are mainly two types of bonding extensions; they are soft and hard bond. The difference is placed on the level of attachment in which hard bond tends to be more adhesive. It can be used only for 4-6 weeks. Sure, during the time this hair is attached, you must wash your hair very carefully. The price range is approximately $400-$2000.


Fusion Extensions

This method is already categorized as permanent hair extensions although the period is limited as well. It is last for 2-3 months. The glue used here is really adhesive. Besides, your own hair is being twisted at the first time before the additional one is attached to make it stronger and stuck more tightly. You must spend around $400-$2000 for the fusion hair extensions cost.