The Best Ways To Wear A Smart Shirt


We all own a dress shirt they have a slim fit and shape the body well for a professional look.The dress shirt works well with jeans and works well for a casual look or smart look. Dress shirts can work in with many different looks.

Dress shirts printed and striped

Pattern shirts have character and add dimension to your style. If you are wearing the colored shirt with casual jeans, the personality of the color and pattern add to the casual look you are going for.This will keep this less structured and formal.

Black shirt

Men’s smart shirts are less common in black and dark colors. Black looks for versatility and offers a slim, sleek look. Black shirts go well with light colored jeans especially blue toned colored jeans. A black shirt keeps things simple but adds a smart look as well.

Proportion is important

The proportion of a men’s smart shirt is important to your look. Length is important if you are wearing your shirt too low this will create your legs to look short and if you’re wearing it too short its self-expletory it is not going to be a good look.

Tucking in a shirt

It’s essential that a man knows how to tuck in a shirt properly. Once you have the hang of it, it becomes a simple task. If your tucking in a shirt that is a little long, then it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t make the excess material stand out and don’t make the mistake of bunching all the baggage at the front.

Jeans Fit

A Men’s smart shirt is often paired with a pair of casual jeans. Finding the right size fit for your jeans will also reflect the look of your shirt. If you’re wearing a baggy type jean then wearing a tight-fitting smart shirt is not the look to be going for. Bootcut jeans don’t always go well with the smart shirt and are best to be avoided.

Slim fit jeans work well with a men’s smart shirt whether it be patterned or just plain colored. Slim jeans define your legs and are not skin tight but still offer definition.Untucked or tucked in shirts both go with slim jeans they are practical and easy to give off different styles with the same shirt.

White dress shirt

A simple white shirt matches well with different colored types of denim. If you choose darker colored denim that will give you a more formal style.Get a proper fit done for your dress shirts, so you get the right size for your body this will help the shirt shape your body.
The good old dress shirt can be up styled or down styled whichever look you are going for.

A simple colored dress shirt can turn an outfit professional and formal with the right fitting shirt and tucked in the correct way can change your whole look for the better.