Royal Ascot Ladies Day – A Celebration of Fashion


As an occasion to dress up in your finest and experience the magic of a royal tradition, Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot Races is the top of the list! This is one event where the ladies of Britain can be seen in their finest outfits and the most flamboyant hats, attending an annual event that is at the centre of the country’s tradition.

While the dress code and rules for the event have been tightened up, it’s only fitting for an occasion created for royalty. In fact, while bets on which horse will win a race run high, they’re easily matched by the bets placed on the Queen’s outfits! Glamour and sophistication are the key factors that come in play, so it’s a day to truly be a lady with all your grace and style!

Also known as the Ascot Gold Cup, this annual event is a chance for the most fashionable and stylish women to dress with elegance and refinement. In order to reflect their inherent glamour and sense of style, women attending the Ascot Races always turn up in their finest and often boldest outfits so that they stand out among their peers.

Ascot Ladies Day Trends

Some of the trends that the fashion fraternity predict for the event this year include:

Flamboyant Headgear

As always, the Ascot Races are dominated by the boldest, brightest and most intricate headgear that designers can imagine. While some of these are feathered and colourful, others are statement pieces that are designed to raise eyebrows. Either way, hats or headpieces are part of the dress code for the Royal Enclosure, or fascinators for the grandstand.

You can choose to reflect your inner personality with the headgear that you wear to the event, so go as wild or refined as you like. Hats are an essential part of the big day and we are likely to see them getting even bigger and bolder this year!

Colours for the Win

While 2012 was all about the brightest colours that could be translated into clothing, this year is likely to see more people in floral prints and muted colours. Light shades and pastel hues have always been a favourite with well-dressed ladies and the appeal of these is going to reflect in the Ladies Day outfits.

While bold colours are great if you can carry them well, you may want to take a few hints from the fashion leaders. The royal family has always been a huge source of inspiration for Ascot fashion, so you can’t really go wrong if you stick to the beauty and refinement they reflect at any event!

Restrictions for Outfits

While picking out an outfit for the races, remember that the event dress code rules have become more stringent, so baring your shoulder or midriff might grab the attention of the fashion police. Since the occasion demands a high level of style as well as the grace that is expected from women in the country, choose your clothes and accessories with care!