Prom Dresses: the fashion walk now starts in Bahrain


This event will mark a before and after in your life. Officially you will be graduated and from now on everything will start to be more serious. The act of Prom is considered one of the most anticipated occasions. After years of effort, you finally succeeded! It is very common, as the Prom day gets closer, for you to still do not know what you will use on that special day. The truth is, you must be careful not to look out of place, so check-out these tips to choose one of the Prom Dresses Bahrain.


Your biggest concern is to look perfect. And to be make an impression in the memory of all your fellow classmates. As well as the pictures all over social media will immortalize the moment. But, above all, to enter the place wearing the best of the best. That is why the choice of prom dress is a task that can demand some time. But, having a Jovani store in Bahrain gives you the best chance of finding the ideal dress.

Jovani is one of the most recognized brands in the fashion world. In it, you will find all kinds of gowns, ideal for different moods. However, this is a Prom party. Take advantage of the sophistication that has been dying to come out. You can look elegant and fun at the same time. It will only depend on choosing the right model, fabric, and color for you.


A sovereign state full of historical value. An adventurous trip to Bahrain presents magnificent treasures and landscapes. The horizon in the town of Manama shows the classic side of the city and, the beautiful skyscrapers. Regional fashion, locally grown “exotic” spices of a product. Other must-see attractions are:

The Royal Tombs, Arad Fort, the Bahrain Fort, Al-Khamis Mosque and the Muharraq Island,

The classics inspire the models that Jovani handles for this season. Coupling with the vintage or retro fashion. Providing the world of haute couture for current trends. To this the minimalist touch is added, very characteristic of this century. This mixture combines the best of both centuries. Supplying an elegant style, sober but captivating.


If your dress is long or very bulky in contrast of your body, take note. When having a petite figure, it can give your body a non-flattering silhouette as you walk across saloon. To avoid this problem, choose a dress that matches your height, but not too short since this is a formal occasion.

In this opportunity, velvet might not be the best option. Despite being a trend this season, for Bahrain gives too much warmth. For your prom dress, you can choose tulle or gauze. Avoiding to feel stifled at any moment.

You can also choose a dress cut at knee length; giving you freshness and more agility at the time of the dance. Because this being the lasts night as a student in that school, we know you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Do not try to wear the dress too much above the knees; otherwise it would lose the elegant attribute this occasion deserves.

If you like to keep it simple, we recommend you to use soft and plain dresses. But if you prefer something textured, go for well-defined fabrics. In contrast, if you want a puffy skirt, it is for best the top part is fitted. This way you elude the design to take a different shape to of your frame.

Get Ready

Picking one model among the Prom Dresses Bahrain is easier if the color is already settled. The chosen shade will depend a lot on the tone of your skin and the season you are in.

The celebration is in a few months for the beginning of summer, try to go with: red, orange or its derivatives warm colors.

On the other side, the always classic color black. Which suits all kinds of Prom dresses designs and gets along very well with all types of skin color.

The Jovani store and Prom Dresses Bahrain have the right piece for you. From the first moment you see that prom dress, you will know it’s the right match for you.