How to Choose Bridal Jewelry for My Big Day

Bridal Jewelry

When you think about your wedding day, surely the first things that come to mind are the wedding dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle , and yes, all of these are super important aspects; However, your bridal look would not be complete if you do not choose the jewels indicated for you. If there is something that we have very clear is that these will make your outfit stand out to the fullest and, of course, that you can see more than perfect.

Therefore, as we are referring to one of the most important days of your life, we want to tell you what the five main points are for you to know how to choose jewelry and bridal accessories. Get ready to be the prettiest!

1. What kind of girlfriend are you?

The first thing you should take into account is the type of bride you are, as well as the type of dress you will wear. For example, if your dress has a sweetheart neckline but it has a lot of details, we recommend that you only wear a small pendant; In the event that the wedding dress is super simple you could take a little more risk and wear a good size necklace. If you’re favorite dress is one that has lace and rhinestones, and then remembers to wear very discreet accessories.

For this reason it is essential to know which jewels is the most favorable taking into account the type of dress you will wear.

Neckline Type:

Sweetheart neckline If, when choosing a sweetheart neckline, what you are looking for is to show off your shoulders and chest to the fullest, stay away from the flashy jewels and choose only fine jewelry or with small diamonds, this will make your neck look longer and that the neckline area is the most striking part of the set.

Neckline illusion. If for your big moment you have chosen a dress with transparencies that create an illusion effect with applications on a layer of tulle, the best thing you can do is do without the necklaces and wear only earrings with diamonds that give depth to your look and let The illusion neckline is the great protagonist.

Boat neck this type of neckline is very thin and elegant. You will need little to enhance it, choose a fine gold chain and pearl earrings or colored stones that give light to your face.

Halter Neck The halter neck is very sensual without showing anything, with a collected hairstyle, lengthens the neck and makes it look very elegant. It is best that you do not wear jewelry or that you only choose very simple earrings. Instead, you can opt for a hairstyle with jewels in which the headdress or the crown of flowers is the main protagonists.

Dress color

The color of your wedding dress is also very important when choosing the jewelry you will wear. For example, if your dress is diamond white, you should choose jewels of rose gold, silver or pearls, which will make it, look much more and will form a fine and romantic set. If you choose a champagne wedding dress, polished silver will be ideal for you. If you prefer to be a different bride and you opt for a color dress like pink or pastel blue, it is best to choose jewels of rose gold, platinum or diamonds.

Also, you cannot forget that always in the world of beauty, fashion, and obviously in the bridal, less is always more, so do not abuse and avoid at all costs hang up to the molcajete. It’s your wedding, and we want you to look super beautiful but also very, very, very elegant.

Take the rule of 3 into account!

What does it consist of? Precisely in that you can only wear three accessories, so decide what you want the center of attention to be , and don’t forget that both the engagement ring and the wedding ring also count as part of the accessories – what you wear in your hair too Enter this item.

 “The big day, the bride, will be the center of attention and it is the day that will shine the brightest and what better than to do it with the help of jewelry. From my point of view, I think that earrings are what most on bride’s looks. Since they give shine to the face and do not take care of the dress, on the contrary they complement it; I personally like to wear only earrings and a bracelet on the right wrist so that the dress and wedding rings are the center of attention chose your wedding rings from

In the past, it was more customary for the bride to wear the jewels of her mother or grandmother, for her wedding day, but more and more brides arrive who want to use their own design and I love being able to help them make their dreams come true and that Feel the most beautiful on your wedding day. ” 

2. Take into account the hairstyle and face shape

The hairstyle is another important element that will make up your wedding look. Of course to determine the wedding hairstyle you will wear you should think about your physiognomy and the shape of your face and this in turn will also determine the type of jewelry that best suits you.

If you decide to wear a semi-collected or a low, the collar should be short. You will succeed with a diamond necklace attached to the neck.

If what attracts you most is to wear the hair loose in retro waves, choose a larger and more striking necklace that stands out despite the length of the hair.

If you wear short hair, the long earrings will look great and will make your face stand out in a spectacular way.

With respect to the shape of your face, if the shape of your face is round, the earrings and elongated jewels will stylize it, refining the features and making it not look too round.

If you are square-faced, you should avoid jewels with very sharp angles at all costs, since this will only make your features more marked. The best thing is that you choose curvilinear designs that soften your face and make it look less angular.

If you have an elongated or oval face, you should opt for jewels with volume avoiding long jewels.

On the other hand, “in recent years the veil has gained strength, but for this year the layers have also been strongly proposed instead of veils and although it is hardly a proposal for the catwalk, it will not take long so that the brides are encouraged to wear them” , although if you want a fancy look, these experts remind us that fabrics with Swarovski stones  or jewelry covering the back or jewelry are still in vogue .

3. Think about the time and place of your wedding

Another important thing that you should keep in mind when choosing your jewelry, is the time or moment of the day in which your celebration will take place. If you will have a day wedding, it is best to wear simple and unimpressive jewelry. If the wedding is celebrated at night, you can opt for larger accessories such as XL earrings, a diamond necklace or colored stones, or a bright headdress.

The place you have chosen to celebrate your wedding will also play a very important role in the selection of jewelry. If you have decided to marry in a natural or outdoor environment, you should definitely opt for simple jewelry. If what you want is to celebrate a wedding in a room or a closed place, you have much more freedom to wear flashy and colorful jewelry.

4. Seek a balance in the bridal set

Do not forget that the jewels of the bride are not only made up of earrings or necklaces, there are other important elements that will create a harmonious and balanced set. One of these elements is the bride’s headdress.

Bridal headdresses have gained ground in recent years, becoming an essential element for the bride’s arrangement. There are a variety of designs, sizes and styles. From headdresses with stones or diamonds, to wreaths of natural flowers. Once you have chosen the headdress, you must ensure that it goes to match the rest of the jewels.

5. Remember our tips

In your bridal look, you should avoid falling into excess, especially when it comes to jewelry. Baroque and excess stayed in another era, modern brides opt for simple jewels, which enhance their beauty and form a balance with the rest of the elements without stealing prominence from each other. The more simple you look, the more light, elegance and sophistication you will get on your way to the altar.

One of the most important tips that we can give you, is not to recharge your look too much, do not use more than three accessories and try to make it only one of them that stands out among the others.

Avoid mixing gold with silver, if you decide to use rose gold, try that the whole set is formed by this tone and if you decide to use diamonds or precious stones, let them shine on their own.

This is your wedding, and as they say, “fashion, what suits you”, so remember that it doesn’t matter if something is in trend, if your mother or mother-in-law likes it or not, because the only one who should feel comfortable and one hundred percent sure of herself is you.