Dry Skin Type? Summer Essential Is On The Go

Dry Skin

When your lips are dry and chapped, lip balms come as a number one solution. Their purpose is to protect the lips. This lip salve is a wax-like substance topically used on the lips for better moisturizing and relieving cold sores. Get detailed information about methods to take care of your dry skin, on this website: https://newshub4.com/


They contain butter (Vaseline, shea butter, lanolin) which aids in loss of water. Then, wax is added to make it sticky so that it’s easy to apply on the lips. Although they are therapeutic, the lip balms which come in tubs or tins have way less wax than the tubes or twist-up balms. The wax also helps in the shine of lip gloss.

Camphor or mint/menthol is also added in lip balms which are medicated. They give a tingling sensation to keep the lips cool, usually used for irritated lips.

The main thing is SPF. Sun protection for the skin even is essential, so definitely. So it goes for the lips. Some contain SPF 30 or even vitamin C, and E works the best to repair and neutralize skin’s collagen.

The formula for anti-ageing is also common, like hyaluronic acid or moisturizer, as these help in plumping and reduce furrows near the lips.

When you wear bold lipstick, applying Best Lip balm around the lip will retain the lipstick from bleeding colour. Hence, this is an additional benefit of wearing it when you go out.


Nowadays, options are no less for skincare. Every brand has the best of products which or work for some and some don’t. Some summer essentials would apply mists. They come in handy and are very cooling on the face. Cucumber toner suits the best to hydrate the skin. It helps on the days where you have got sunburnt. It will help in cooling the damaged skin.


  • Peel, wash and slice a cucumber and add water to them
  • Heat on the gas for 5-7 minutes before adding it to the blender
  • Pour the mixture into a mesh cloth and squeeze out the liquid
  • Transfer the liquid into a bottle and keep it aside
  • Additions to this could be rose water, jojoba oil, or witch hazel to give a more healing effect


  • Usually, you can use it as a toner, as it has natural toning properties.
  • You can also use it as a face mist; it gives a very cooling effect in summers after washing your face.
  • Another way would be to pat on the cotton pad and use it on your eyes to avoid puffing or soreness in them.

Shelf life

When you make it fresh, Best cucumber toner stays good for 4-5 days when refrigerated. If you want, rose petals also can be replaced with the same process. As it is an easy process, it is recommended to use it as soon as you make it instead of storing it for months.

Summing up, skincare is essential, and it’s needed by everyone to follow. Lip balms and toners come in handy and are like miracles for dry skin types.