Cool Jackets For Men You Can Wear Year-Round

Winter Jacket

When it comes to shopping for attire, especially in-between seasons, many face the dilemma in terms of material and styles. In short, it is a skill that many fail to master! You should always be ready with at least two pairs of attire if there comes a day where all four seasons are mashed–up together and served by the heavens! If you are one of those who prefer segregating their wardrobe as per the seasons, then you are carrying out a typical ‘schoolboy error’ as fashion gurus put it!

The following section will focus on some cool jackets for men that you can wear all year-round. With the advent of new materials and design, the good news is, every season is ideal for adorning a jacket!

Check Single-Breasted Jacket

The checkered single-breasted jacket is ideal for wearing in any season given you have refrained from buying one that is made of flannel. Flannel is great for the winter but if you wear it in the hot summer, cue in heat rashes and itchy skin!

It is best to go for three-layered, linen single-breasted jackets for that all year round performance. Go for a single-breasted jacket that is equipped with bellow pockets and a back-belt, Norfolk style! Be sure that the working cuffs are featuring Savile Row spacing for maximum aesthetic appeal and elegance!

Word to the wise: A single-breasted jacket goes really well with knitwear trousers, a pair of skinny jeans, moleskins and even cords!

Large Check Single-Breasted Jacket

Another material blend that works really well for all seasons is the blend of Italian Merino and silk! In case you are a fan of Tommy Nutter who was known for adorning exquisitely cut jackets that sported bold designs, you can pay tribute to him by going for these jackets!

Be sure that you choose a jacket that has a concealed tip-pocket, patch-style pockets, and is equipped with an out breast welt! It is also advised to make sure that the cuff features Savile Row spacing for the perfect look!

Double-Breasted Jacket

What is the classic jacket look for an urban gentleman!? Well, a double-breasted jacket of course! Be sure that you choose a jacket that sports a six-button layout and is constructed using semi-canvassed style! Other attributes and design elements that would make it a perfect jacket for any season are as follows:

  • Two side vents
  • Straight flap pockets
  • Out breast welt and of course

A ticket pocket!

Be sure that you wear your double-breasted jacket with the right waistcoat and suit-style pants. In case you are having a hard time choosing your footwear that would go well with the jacket, a pair of brogues or suede wingtips can do the trick for you!

For a man, jackets act like the versatile pieces of wardrobe that can be worn all year round given you have the right material and the right number of layers. It is also a great encourager when it comes to mixing and matching clothes that you might have labelled as ‘seasonal’!