Choose from the trending prom dresses


Ah, prom! The reason behind overwhelming excitement and thrill in young hearts. Probably the first beautiful evening, when boys and girls get introduces to the true colors of their persona. Or in a nutshell, an unforgettable night. Everybody including the catering assistants tries and look beautiful for an event like the prom night. So, if you are still confused about what to wear on your prom night, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Go on with this flow and we will tell you some of the very trending prom dress to select from. Know about your body features and select the perfect prom dress for yourself.

  • Hourglass:

A body shapes every woman desires. If you own one, kudos! You’ll have to work less on your dress. All you need to focus is on the dress which fits best to waistline and balances between your upper and lower body. The right dress for hourglass shape is a mermaid or a sleeveless one with a sweetheart bodice with trained down the long skirt.

  • Pear:

Again a shape that is desirable for all. Hips larger than the bust line. Ladies with a triangle or pear shape should prefer a dress which deals with A-line. Tulle net or sheer clothing also does the work for you. If you want to create an oomph quotient with your prom dress, go for Halter neck or noodles straps.

  • Apple-shaped Body:

The apple shape signifies that your bust area is substantial compared to your waistline. So, the outfit for your prom dress should focus more on the upper bid features. Avoid short dresses and opt for deep neck or V neck. Ball gowns and dresses with empire line cuts are just made for you. Also, try some asymmetrical full-length skirts with illusion sleeves.


  • Inverted Triangle:

As the name suggests, this body shape fits you if your upper body is comparatively broader than the hips. Try to pick prom dresses which drive away the attention from shoulders (As they are broad) to the waistline. Because you can create an illusion of a perfect waistline by selecting the right dress. A Short prom dress with slits or ruffled skirts will favor your looks at the prom night. Also, you can add some spic element by putting on peplum cuts.

  • Rectangle:

Congratulations! If you have a rectangle body shape, then you can go with anything and make people go gaga over you. Just pay attention to few details as this body shape means a proportionate balance in the entire figure. Try a deep neckline that is followed by subtle twirls at the end or go with tight bodice with a strapless and A-line skirt with ruffles. The key is to add bulk to the bottom body and sharp definition on the upper one. So, ball gowns and princess cuts would do wonders.


The key ingredient doesn’t imply the dress or makeup or heels you are carrying out; the real beauty secret is your mood. Step out from your place and proceed to prom night with confidence, happiness, and mischief in your eyes. It’s your night, make it large!