Islam is the oldest religion that has its followers all around the world. Previously it was limited to some Arab countries but now it has spread to all geographic regions which include Europe, Asia. The massive number of Islamic followers has increased the demand of Islamic jewelry. The Muslim jewelry includes various types of Arabic pendants such as Muslim pendants, Ayatul Kursi pendants, Quran pendants, Allah pendant.

Different variety

Muslim jewelry is available in various metals but gold is considered to be one of the most common among the other metals. Before buying a Muslim gold pendant, you should consider the variations in its qualities. It can affect the purity and design after Muslim jewelry. The purity of the gold Muslim jewelry is measured in carat. It should be 22k but they can also be made in 18k, 20k. You should wisely choose the jeweler while buying.

Varieties of jewelry

There are many varieties and each has their preference. Instead of choosing yellow color gold for your Ayatul Kursi, pendant, ring, bracelet, or any other jewelry item, you can also choose the color Rose gold, white gold. There are also various designs and patterns of these pendants. They are available in all different sizes, shapes, and metals. The dazzling pendants are the center of attention of the religious people. It shows the devotion of them and also makes them feel confident once they wear it. These pendants are available everywhere and they are loved by all. The Muslim Jewelry adds certain decency and beauty to any type of outfit regardless of the occasion it is worn at.


The best way to calculate the price of your Muslim gold pendant is to consider the current price of the metal in the market. It adds up to the amount charged by your jeweler. Since gold is an expensive metal, it might be a bit costly. But this is considered to be a good investment. It will stay with you throughout and it has good resale value is the price of the metal live gold increases day by day. These pieces of jewelry are a good collection for any woman.

Women wear Muslim jewelry

Those women who are religious do not shy away from showing their devotion. They are fond of these Muslim pendants.They can wear it daily and can also treasure it with them. There are many feminine designs in which the integrated designs of the pendant look beautiful. The beautiful pieces of jewelry also have the Quran verse imprinted on it. Besides wearing them, one can also use these pendants for gifting purposes. It can be an ideal gift and it will make the person very happy.


There are many websites and stores where these Muslim gold pendants are available. You can buy them online by checking the customer reviews or by asking the necessary documents from your jewelry. The designs and the varieties are given on the website. All the required details like size, availability, price, weight are mentioned on the website.

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You cannot deny the fact that a lot of young and old individuals today are smoking marijuana. Young teens think that smoking this leaf makes them cool. They find their peer smoking, got curious and they got influenced. While the older ones are smoking just for fun and some because of loneliness or depression. People may have different reasons why they smoked, but these reasons will lead to addiction. But there would be a time, when they have to quit. Turning your back from smoking won’t be easy, but it is a must.

One day, you will have to face drug tests and this must be clear. You can actually find a lot of reading materials about how you will pass such tests. And then, if you know how to use the Internet, then you may also browse pages, such as, which discusses urine drug test passing tips. If these are not enough, then you may have to seek for experts to help you get cleared. Again, some of you may have been addicted to marijuana smoking already. If that is your case, then you need more attention.

As a marijuana smoker, you must not fear going to doctors for an advice. I know that you may want to resolve this issue alone. But, if you think that you needed help, then do not hesitate to ask for it. Smoking marijuana had been there for a long time now and this is not easy to dissolve. As for a smoker, who would like to quit or even just want to try quitting, then there is hope. Sooner or later, you will get cleared and would be able to face drug tests proudly.

All about Marijuana

All about Marijuana

Marijuana comes in a form of dried leaves from a Cannabis Sativa plant. Stems, flowers and the seeds are also used to smoke. This plant actually contains the THC chemical, which gives a smoker a mind-altering behavior. Among all illegal drugs in the world, marijuana is the one that is widely used. Actually, this is also legal in some countries or states and also used as a medical treatment.

When you smoke marijuana, you have to roll it on a special paper. Some are using the cigarette joints or blunts, while others light it through a bong or pipe. And then, there are also those who use it as vaporizers. Do you know that there are also individuals, who mix it on their food or drink? No matter how you use it, you will still get the THC content. So, what is this THC, anyway?

THC Facts

THC Facts

A marijuana smoker needs additional info about the THC, which is also known as the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a chemical compound or cannabinoids found in a marijuana plant. It is considered as fat-soluble, which means that it usually stays in the fat cells of a marijuana smoker. Through a urine, blood, hair or saliva tests, this compound would be traced. Do you know that this chemical is the one that keeps the smoker act differently? It works with your brain receptors and would tempt you to crave for food or a different sensation.

When you need to clear up this THC from your body, you would need to know how long it would stay in your fat cells. But this is not that easy to figure out because it will depend on your activities. Generally, the THC has a 7-day half-life, so metabolites have decreased by 50%. And then, a maximum of 4 weeks would be needed to completely wash it away.

With urine drug testing, the THC are detected from 11-18 days, if you’re an occasional user. While it 33-48 days for regular users and a maximum of 90 days for daily smokers. Now, if you would go for a blood test, the THC are detected for up to 7 days. That is for all types of users, except for a first-time use, which can be detected within 6-24 hours.

Stop or Quit smoking

When you were informed that you will need to take a drug test for marijuana, then you have to stop. I know that this is not easy, but you have to sacrifice it. This is not for you to suffer, anyway. You need to do this to clear the THC in your body.

I also know that quitting is really tough. But you have to help yourself. If possible, you need to get rid of smoking. Think about the possibility that the more you smoke, the more this THC will be detected. Do not let this happen, if your goal is to have a clear drug test.


You have to start diluting your urine by drinking water. This is not just before or during your testing day, but do it ahead of time. Why do you need to drink water, anyway? When you do this, you will often urinate. And then, when this happens, there is a chance for the THC to be flushed away. Therefore, decreasing the level of metabolites in your body system.

By the way, if you will do this before the test, do not overdo it. It must be balanced to avoid making the urine too watery, or else the experts may find it suspicious. So, they may ask you to repeat the drug test.

Diet and Exercise

You have to be on the right diet. Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as spinach, tomatoes, berries, kale and artichokes to name a few. During the detoxification, eating healthy and nutritious food is necessary. This will tell you more about how to detoxify and have a healthy diet.

You must also avoid drinking beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine. And then, you should also avoid eating junk foods and fatty foods because these will slow down your metabolism.

Of course, you need to work out, so that you can start sweating. When you sweat, you burn fats and calories. Therefore, eliminating fatty cells, where metabolites are stored. This is a great way of flushing down the THC.