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In the fashion world, shoes are considered to be a very important extension of our personality, right? Be it western or Indian, an ensemble is only considered to be complete when clothes are complemented with fitting and contrasting shoes. Well, much has been written about western footwear; be it stilettos or sneakers but now it’s time to enlighten traditional design kolhapurishoes. Indian stylish footwear did initially take a backseat, especially when it came to Indians who don’t reside in the country. However, due to the developing technologies, NRI’s too can now wear their favourite one by shopping it online and getting it delivered at their doorstep. Here, we have listed the best kinds of ethnic footwear for both men and women.

For Women

Ethnic Chappals

Chappals are the first love and first preference of every woman who loves ethnic wear. The best part about these colourful pieces is that they can be very easily paired with both Indianas well as western wear for a boho Indo-western appeal. Guess women’s ethnic footwear was never the same after the invention of chappals, they just are add on to a women’s appeal.


Almost synonymous with handcrafted footwear for women, kolhapuris add the touch of Indian ethnicity to almost everything that’s teamed with it whether Indian or western. Varying in shades of brown, unlimited designs and patterns kolhapuri chappals originated from Kolhapur and are now popular in India and worldwide. Wondering where you’d find your match? Scroll down for some stylish and elegant Kolhapur chappals which you can wear with any outfit.

Kolhapuri shoes or Jutties

Pretty, vibrant kolhapuri juttis are the best way to enhance and enrich the look of traditional Indian clothes like salwar suits or Kurtis. Apart from being closed and extremely comfortable, these juttis are also available in a mind- bogging variety of colours, patterns and designs. Don’t panic about not finding your perfect match, as at Tjori you will get a wide range of kolhapuri chappals and juttis available.

For Men


Since we aren’t leaving the men behind this time, mojaris were the first choice when it came to ethnic footwear for men. Though ideally considered to be a wedding choice, mojaris are no having their moment in the footwear scenario. From simple to embroider to multi-coloured ones; men are now finding it difficult to choose just one as the collections available are unlimited.


While mojaris are closed and more suitable for heavy-duty occasions such as wedding, kolhapuris are the match for the lazy Indian man. Whether they live in the country or overseas, men are innately more comfort-oriented, which is why kolhapuri chappals need to be highlighted as they are stylish and yet too comfortable. So guys, no more facing hassles to buy ethnic footwear as there is a wide range of kolhapuri chappals available online, so pick the one which suits your outfit.

Ah, prom! The reason behind overwhelming excitement and thrill in young hearts. Probably the first beautiful evening, when boys and girls get introduces to the true colors of their persona. Or in a nutshell, an unforgettable night. Everybody including the catering assistants tries and look beautiful for an event like the prom night. So, if you are still confused about what to wear on your prom night, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Go on with this flow and we will tell you some of the very trending prom dress to select from. Know about your body features and select the perfect prom dress for yourself.

  • Hourglass:

A body shapes every woman desires. If you own one, kudos! You’ll have to work less on your dress. All you need to focus is on the dress which fits best to waistline and balances between your upper and lower body. The right dress for hourglass shape is a mermaid or a sleeveless one with a sweetheart bodice with trained down the long skirt.

  • Pear:

Again a shape that is desirable for all. Hips larger than the bust line. Ladies with a triangle or pear shape should prefer a dress which deals with A-line. Tulle net or sheer clothing also does the work for you. If you want to create an oomph quotient with your prom dress, go for Halter neck or noodles straps.

  • Apple-shaped Body:

The apple shape signifies that your bust area is substantial compared to your waistline. So, the outfit for your prom dress should focus more on the upper bid features. Avoid short dresses and opt for deep neck or V neck. Ball gowns and dresses with empire line cuts are just made for you. Also, try some asymmetrical full-length skirts with illusion sleeves.


  • Inverted Triangle:

As the name suggests, this body shape fits you if your upper body is comparatively broader than the hips. Try to pick prom dresses which drive away the attention from shoulders (As they are broad) to the waistline. Because you can create an illusion of a perfect waistline by selecting the right dress. A Short prom dress with slits or ruffled skirts will favor your looks at the prom night. Also, you can add some spic element by putting on peplum cuts.

  • Rectangle:

Congratulations! If you have a rectangle body shape, then you can go with anything and make people go gaga over you. Just pay attention to few details as this body shape means a proportionate balance in the entire figure. Try a deep neckline that is followed by subtle twirls at the end or go with tight bodice with a strapless and A-line skirt with ruffles. The key is to add bulk to the bottom body and sharp definition on the upper one. So, ball gowns and princess cuts would do wonders.


The key ingredient doesn’t imply the dress or makeup or heels you are carrying out; the real beauty secret is your mood. Step out from your place and proceed to prom night with confidence, happiness, and mischief in your eyes. It’s your night, make it large!

Pearls are just like other jewelry pieces which can be worn during any occasion. You can wear these jewelry pieces as a pair of earrings and necklace. Pearl is the only organic gem which is well-known to everyone. Though, its organic nature also needs maintenance and a proper care. So, in this article, you will get to know how you can maintain your pearl jewelry by following simple steps.

Keep pearl away from the chemicals: As, the pearls are made up of organic matter, so obviously the organic matter is very sensitive to the chemicals. In simple words, you should keep the pearls away from the chemicals because these chemicals have the power to destroy the pearl. You should keep the pearl jewelry away from the chemicals such as perfumes, creams, body lotions etc. Also, keep the pearl away from the hair spray because it can be dangerous for the jewelry. You should always put on the pearl jewelry after completing the makeup.

Keep it away from the dust: Dust is very common thing in the daily life. Even you are in your home, you can’t keep yourself away from the dust. Obviously, the dust build up on the skin, similarly, it have the power to build up on the pearl jewelry. As you clean your skin regularly with the water, you should also clean the pearl with the warm water on the daily basis. This tip can add life to the pearl jewelry.

Store them in isolation: Suppose, you have a set of double pearl earrings and you want to store them after using. I know, you will keep it with the other jewelry pieces but never make the mistake of doing the same. You should always keep it in the isolation because the pearls are very prone to scratches. Either store them in the lined jewelry box or store them in the soft pouch, so as to avoid them from scratches.

In the nutshell, you can add the life to the pearl jewelry by following the above-mentioned tips. As the pearl is the Queen of the gem so keep it just like the one.

If you have an obsession with designer handbags and clutches, you should look for products that are available at a wholesale price. There are so many wholesalers offering attractive offers in high quality designer handbags. They can sell high quality bags at a reasonable price, because they buy large quantities directly from the factory. Therefore, if you are looking for elegant and creative designer handbags, but are interested in expensive labels, consider buying them in the form of a fixed interest rate from any reliable wholesaler.

With a wide range of distributors and sellers of wholesale fashion handbags, the cost is no longer a problem when it comes to buying luxury and stylish designer handbags. By reducing the cost of these products, available through concessions, special offers and many other schemes, it is absolutely obvious that you will find fascinating bags and bags of chicken, without breaking the budget.

Most favorable area for women

The section of bags and clutches wholesale is one of the most favorable areas for women when it comes to shopping. A woman who loves the true sense of fashion and lifestyle loves to spoil herself in a luxurious but economical style. Wholesale stores sell some of the most famous fashion brands and offer products at reasonably low prices. If you are looking for bags and clutches for special events; or official bags for office use; or sports bags and elegant according to your daring soul, you will find them all in the range of genuine prices.

The biggest advantage of buying bags or clutches in a wholesale store is that you do not need to give any special offer, discount or coupon to buy your favorite things. You can use them at a much lower price than the market price and, therefore, save a lot of money. In addition, these are great gifts for family and friends. If you want to buy a large number of gifts for women, for example, for your marriage partner or your best friends from college, you can use the best designer handbags from wholesale distributors at a lower price.

The wholesale stores offer a range of attractive discounts and discounts throughout the year.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy seasonal money every day so you do not feel that the offer has been lost. Regardless of whether you are looking for a gift bag from someone special or for personal use, this is an excellent way to find products of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

If you are thinking about where to look for wholesalers that sell handbags and purses wholesale, you should take a look at the online stores that the crowd uses. In fact, the Internet is the perfect place to look for any information you need. You only need fifteen minutes of online search to find a list of online fashion handbags dealers in or out of your area. Visit the site to get wholesale bags of the online store that not only save you time, but also pay attention to the cost.

The happiest moment for a woman is shopping for handbags untill they have to pull out their credit card.The luxury bags are very expensive because of their materials, workmanship and a huge demand for brand names. It becomes a fashion statement and that is why handbags cost $1,000, $2,000,$10,000 and more. Woman are fond of luxury bags as they think there is no substitute for walking to parents teachers meeting, kitty parties, business meetings or cocktail parties without HermesBirkin, Chaneletc. The bags shows who you are and what have you achieved in life. The most accomplished woman also finds difficult to spend her dollars on Gucci or YSL bags. Owning a wardrobe of luxury bags is expensive.

Luxury brands are irresistible

Luxtime bags does not matter what type of design is needed or who is the designer. The LuxTime handbags have a huge selection of cheap designer handbags which represents all the major design house and luxury hand bags. They are not the pathetic bags which you find at street or a cheap or shadywebsite. The bags are specially designed and perfectly sewn and also created to last for a long term. Your heart is set on a Louis Vuitton, Prada, or MiuMiu purses but you will find exactly what you are after at Luxtime for a fraction of price you will pay more on a department store or a designer outlet. Once you start buying from Luxtimeyou will know how much money you save when you are buying a designer handbag. They sell high end Hermes Kelly 32 bags at the prices as low as 3% of the amount you pay at the Hermes store. For example you pay $10,000 at retail store which is perfectly designed and manufactured and at luxtime you pay less than $300. There is only one thing in everyone’s mind that how Luxtime sells the handbags for less then anyone else-other than a guy selling it for $25 at streets or a cheap or shady looking store. It’s reasonable to think about the quality of the bags at such low and reasonable price.

Some people also go for the option of buying a pre-owned bag but the seller also somewhat charges the same price and also adds the shipping fees into it, thus making it the exact cost that is required to buy a new one. Even these bags are divided into two types and that is top quality designer handbags and cheap designer handbags. The luxtime sells designer bags for the price between $300 and $400. That is also 66% to 90% lower than what you pay at the brand name store or their overrated website.You can also throw the retail prices of the bags out of the window. You may find it hard to control yourself after shopping from here. That is why it is here to be your destination for fine and cheap designer handbags.

We should think about the motivation behind garments. We wear attire for a ton of reasons; here and there it is for design, different circumstances status, or for distinguishing proof purposes (a uniform, for instance). Be that as it may, the greater part of us wears garments essentially for modesty and for protection from the components.

Real Fur coat plays a huge role in protecting us from the cold elements. The majority of individuals live in atmospheres where it is important to wear garments during the time to shield yourselves from the sun, rain, wind, and chilly. We have numerous alternatives when the climate turns chilly, and we have talked about the unintended results of wearing synthetics.

The Real fur makes a difference in constant below zero conditions since genuine wolverine hide doesn’t get stifled with ice, the snow just forgets about of it and your snot-icicles won’t get encrusted in it. A considerable measure of the fur you see on coat hoods is coyote or rabbit, they aren’t as useful for shedding snow, and they simply feel wonderful.

If you want to purchase and wear something trendy, you most likely don’t think fur! Another dress, a lovely match of shoes or an intriguing extra for the most part rings a bell when I consider wearing something chic. Also, interestingly enough, individuals don’t gripe about cows being executed for design since they are made into beautiful shoes, isn’t that so? Or on the other hand that sheep are being raised on ranches for fashion. Not by any stretch of the imagination. They simply go out and purchase that new fleece sweater.Same for the Real Fur jacket!

But if you were in the mood to make a fashion statement, would you truly pick a costly article of clothing you can wear for four months in the year that requires costly storage and cleaning, and takes up a considerable space of your closet? No, most would pick a couple of earrings instead.

However a few people guarantee it isn’t right to wear fur since it is only for fashion. I don’t think fur is for fashion only, it is for keeping warm. It is an excellent, upscale approach to keep warm, yet there’s a motivation behind why you don’t see a considerable measure of mink coats in the city in July. That is on account of fur is worn as security from the components. In public opinion research conducted by the Fur Council of Canada, the most women who wore fur said that it was basically for warmth.Purchase your very own Real Fur Vest!

Hair extension cost is depending on many factors. There is indeed a statement that the cost for hair extension must be expensive. Actually, it is not exactly like that. Undeniably, the process of connecting the original to the additional hair may take time. Besides, for the best result, the hair extension chosen must also be really qualified. The price for the hair itself can be already expensive anyway. The methods for this beauty treatment are various. Each of them has its own cost as well. Here are the explanations anyway. You could read more explanations on


Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions are considered the easiest and cheapest methods of hair extension. Why? It is only about clipping the additional to your original hair. Even, it is also said that anybody can just use it although the results are different based on the experiences. This extension is temporary in which you can attach and release it whenever you want. Although you can do it by using hairstylist service, you can also try to apply this extension at home. The price range for buying and attaching clip-on extensions is approximately $150-$300.

Hidden Crown Extensions

This is basically the newest method of temporary hair extension. The additional hair is attached on a rubber band and you must wear it under your natural hair. The only con about this method is your head probably feels dizzy because of the rubber band. This extension is easy, simple, safe, without side effect, and of course cheap. The price range for this one is around $229-$269 on


Bonding Extensions

You can call it as a semi-permanent hair extension. Yes, the way to attach it is by using hair glue. There are mainly two types of bonding extensions; they are soft and hard bond. The difference is placed on the level of attachment in which hard bond tends to be more adhesive. It can be used only for 4-6 weeks. Sure, during the time this hair is attached, you must wash your hair very carefully. The price range is approximately $400-$2000.


Fusion Extensions

This method is already categorized as permanent hair extensions although the period is limited as well. It is last for 2-3 months. The glue used here is really adhesive. Besides, your own hair is being twisted at the first time before the additional one is attached to make it stronger and stuck more tightly. You must spend around $400-$2000 for the fusion hair extensions cost.

Many local businesses operating in the textile industry need to find private manufacturers to create their products. Instead of handling all the manufacturing in-house, you should consider outsourcing the manufacturing to another company. There are many private companies that offer expert knitwear manufacturing services. Most of these companies now offer various textile products, including the following:

  • Garments
  • Linen items
  • Acrylic blends

You will need to do some research and find experienced knitwear manufacturers in London if you want to manufacture textile products. There are many important factors that you should take into account before signing a long-term contract with a knitwear manufacturer. You will need to visit their factory to find out whether or not they have the equipment needed for manufacturing textile products. Here are a few important factors that you should take into account when hiring a knitwear manufacturer.

The Company’s Production Facilities

First and foremost, you need to learn more about the company’s production facilities. Find out how many textile products they can manufacture and then make a decision about whether or not they are a feasible choice for your needs.

Sampling and Design

Many companies now offer sampling and design services as well. Before you hire a local company for knitwear manufacturing, you need to first ask them for a sample. It’s important that you check the quality of the products manufactured by the company before you decide whether or not they are a good choice to work with.

This event will mark a before and after in your life. Officially you will be graduated and from now on everything will start to be more serious. The act of Prom is considered one of the most anticipated occasions. After years of effort, you finally succeeded! It is very common, as the Prom day gets closer, for you to still do not know what you will use on that special day. The truth is, you must be careful not to look out of place, so check-out these tips to choose one of the Prom Dresses Bahrain.


Your biggest concern is to look perfect. And to be make an impression in the memory of all your fellow classmates. As well as the pictures all over social media will immortalize the moment. But, above all, to enter the place wearing the best of the best. That is why the choice of prom dress is a task that can demand some time. But, having a Jovani store in Bahrain gives you the best chance of finding the ideal dress.

Jovani is one of the most recognized brands in the fashion world. In it, you will find all kinds of gowns, ideal for different moods. However, this is a Prom party. Take advantage of the sophistication that has been dying to come out. You can look elegant and fun at the same time. It will only depend on choosing the right model, fabric, and color for you.


A sovereign state full of historical value. An adventurous trip to Bahrain presents magnificent treasures and landscapes. The horizon in the town of Manama shows the classic side of the city and, the beautiful skyscrapers. Regional fashion, locally grown “exotic” spices of a product. Other must-see attractions are:

The Royal Tombs, Arad Fort, the Bahrain Fort, Al-Khamis Mosque and the Muharraq Island,

The classics inspire the models that Jovani handles for this season. Coupling with the vintage or retro fashion. Providing the world of haute couture for current trends. To this the minimalist touch is added, very characteristic of this century. This mixture combines the best of both centuries. Supplying an elegant style, sober but captivating.


If your dress is long or very bulky in contrast of your body, take note. When having a petite figure, it can give your body a non-flattering silhouette as you walk across saloon. To avoid this problem, choose a dress that matches your height, but not too short since this is a formal occasion.

In this opportunity, velvet might not be the best option. Despite being a trend this season, for Bahrain gives too much warmth. For your prom dress, you can choose tulle or gauze. Avoiding to feel stifled at any moment.

You can also choose a dress cut at knee length; giving you freshness and more agility at the time of the dance. Because this being the lasts night as a student in that school, we know you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Do not try to wear the dress too much above the knees; otherwise it would lose the elegant attribute this occasion deserves.

If you like to keep it simple, we recommend you to use soft and plain dresses. But if you prefer something textured, go for well-defined fabrics. In contrast, if you want a puffy skirt, it is for best the top part is fitted. This way you elude the design to take a different shape to of your frame.

Get Ready

Picking one model among the Prom Dresses Bahrain is easier if the color is already settled. The chosen shade will depend a lot on the tone of your skin and the season you are in.

The celebration is in a few months for the beginning of summer, try to go with: red, orange or its derivatives warm colors.

On the other side, the always classic color black. Which suits all kinds of Prom dresses designs and gets along very well with all types of skin color.

The Jovani store and Prom Dresses Bahrain have the right piece for you. From the first moment you see that prom dress, you will know it’s the right match for you.

The scarf is a rather old clothing piece. It originated in ancient Rome, where it was used as a sweat cloth. Slowly but steadily, it became a convenient accessory for high class ladies who wanted to protect their skin from the powerful summer sun. Later on, it became a staple fashion accessory, and it is unlikely that it will ever go out of style. Scarves come in numerous sizes, shapes and fabrics. Choosing the right scarf requires a lot of consideration, but the right choice can be the ultimate finishing touch to a perfect outfit.

How to choose the right scarf for each season

The fabric of the scarf is important not only for its feel, but also for its insulating properties.

  • Fabrics for cold seasons: Alpaca, cashmere, pashmina and wool are fibers that retain heat very well, so they are ideal for cold winter days, but they can also be worn during fall, especially for layered outfits. Jersey and satin are slightly less good at retaining heat, so they are better suited for fall.
  • Fabrics for hot seasons: Cotton is the best scarf fabric for hot summer days, as it doesn’t retain heat and it breathes very well. Silk is also a good choice, as it tends to have a cold feel. Silk scarves are very appreciated because they usually come in colorful patterns which add personality to any outfit. The same goes for most synthetic fabrics.

How to wear different scarf shapes

There are almost a dozen scarf shapes and styles, and each one can be worn in numerous ways.

  • The Square scarf – This is by far the most popular scarf style, and there probably isn’t a single woman in the world that doesn’t own at least one square scarf. It can be tied as a knot or looped around the neck, or worn as a shawl on the shoulders on cold evenings. It can come in numerous prints, and it can be made of a wide variety of fabrics.
  • The blanket style – This is basically and oversized square scarf. It is so big, that it can be used as a blanket, just as its name suggest. Most blanket scarves are made of warm materials, so they are ideal for colder seasons, and they are usually worn folded in a triangle and wrapped around the neck or the shoulders. However, you can also find blanket scarves made of cooler fabrics. These scarves are ideal for the beach, as you can tie them around your body in unique ways and wear them as dresses or pareos.
  • The neck scarf – This scarf usually has a rectangular shape, and it is worn tightly wrapped around the neck. It is usually associated with the French fashion, but it also has a strong old Hollywood vibe. Due to the fact that they are worn tightly wrapped around the neck, the preferred material for neck scarves is silk.
  • The head scarf – Head scarves have a rectangular shape, with a very small width. They can be worn as bandanas, wrapped around a ponytail, tied in a bow or in a gypsy style. Bigger scarves can also be worn as turbans, and they are real lifesavers when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
  • The infinity style – This scarf has a loop shape. The easiest way to wear it is to simply wrap it twice around your neck. However, with a little creativity, the infinity scarf can be worn in endless ways. You can wear it in a turtleneck style, as a bolero, as a hood, and depending on its size, you can even turn it into a dress.

As you can see, scarves are incredibly versatile. In fact, you can never have too many scarves, and if you get tired of wearing a scarf in the same style all the time, you can always browse the internet for ideas on how to tie a scarf.