Caring For Pearl Jewelry in Simple Steps


Pearls are just like other jewelry pieces which can be worn during any occasion. You can wear these jewelry pieces as a pair of earrings and necklace. Pearl is the only organic gem which is well-known to everyone. Though, its organic nature also needs maintenance and a proper care. So, in this article, you will get to know how you can maintain your pearl jewelry by following simple steps.

Keep pearl away from the chemicals: As, the pearls are made up of organic matter, so obviously the organic matter is very sensitive to the chemicals. In simple words, you should keep the pearls away from the chemicals because these chemicals have the power to destroy the pearl. You should keep the pearl jewelry away from the chemicals such as perfumes, creams, body lotions etc. Also, keep the pearl away from the hair spray because it can be dangerous for the jewelry. You should always put on the pearl jewelry after completing the makeup.

Keep it away from the dust: Dust is very common thing in the daily life. Even you are in your home, you can’t keep yourself away from the dust. Obviously, the dust build up on the skin, similarly, it have the power to build up on the pearl jewelry. As you clean your skin regularly with the water, you should also clean the pearl with the warm water on the daily basis. This tip can add life to the pearl jewelry.

Store them in isolation: Suppose, you have a set of double pearl earrings and you want to store them after using. I know, you will keep it with the other jewelry pieces but never make the mistake of doing the same. You should always keep it in the isolation because the pearls are very prone to scratches. Either store them in the lined jewelry box or store them in the soft pouch, so as to avoid them from scratches.

In the nutshell, you can add the life to the pearl jewelry by following the above-mentioned tips. As the pearl is the Queen of the gem so keep it just like the one.