Beautiful Eyes Are No Longer A Dream With False Eyelashes!

False Eyelashes

Your eyes are much more than organs that help you see and admire the world! They speak volumes about your personality, your attitude and your emotions. And beautiful eyes can charm everyone and make you look like a diva no matter where you go! But not every woman has thick and healthy lashes to make her eyes stand out. Thanks to false eyelashes though, this issue can be tackled. The ones offered by QYQ are especially high quality, durable and made from original mink fur. If used with care, they can last you for quite a long time. These lashes are easy to apply with a special adhesive and cause no allergy or side effect. Plus, they look very natural and lend a stunning look to your face.

Pick from two popular styles

Fake eyelashes made completely with mink fur are available in two exciting styles online. The 3D style eyelashes are glossy and give you a dramatic, exotic and rich look in seconds. These are very light, and come in various options. The 3D/34 lashes are very light and feature a unique crisscross cluster design. The 3D/30 ones are light too and spread evenly and come with bold cluster. 3D/14 ones are double layered lashes that are light with wispy curls, and give you a sultry and smoky look. You can also go for 3D/04 lashes for a fluffy, light experience with thick volume and wispy curls.

The K-style eyelashes are also very hot right now and come in four different options. K19 for instance is very light, bold and wispy. K15 is lightweight too and has wispy curls. K05 is a double layered and very light lash with shortening at the inner corner and bold and wispy curls. K02 also features double layers, wispy curls and shortening at the inner corner.

Choosing the perfect fake lashes for you

When you order a set of lashes, consider the kind of look you wish to achieve. While simple fake lashes are ideal for the workplace or a formal event, something exotic will be a better choice for parties or festivals. Make sure you stick the lashes individually so that they don’t clump together. These lashes won’t make you feel uncomfortable or look unnatural. Priced reasonably, they will become an integral part of your eye makeup in a short time.

Now, ordering these lashes from QYQ online is super easy too. Just choose the style you want and place an order by providing your debit or credit card details or PayPal details. The fake eyelashes will be delivered to you shortly and your financial information will be protected as well. So, give your eyes the beauty boost they deserve and become a showstopper every day!