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Are you looking to change your hairstyle without making a permanent commitment? Costume wigs offer a fantastic solution, allowing you to transform your look effortlessly and explore different styles with ease. Whether you want to add length, volume, or experiment with different colors, costume wigs provide endless possibilities.

Styling Your Costume Wig

Preparing the Wig

Before styling your costume wig, it’s important to prepare it properly. Gently comb through the wig with a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush to remove any tangles. If the wig is curly or wavy, use your fingers to loosen the curls for a more natural look. This step ensures that the wig is ready for the styling process and helps prevent any damage.

Styling Tools and Techniques

When styling your costume wig, it’s best to use heat styling tools that are specifically designed for wigs. These tools provide gentle heat and ensure the longevity of your wig. Experiment with different techniques such as curling, straightening, or adding volume to create the desired effect. You can also use accessories like hair clips, headbands, or scarves to enhance your wig’s style.

Experimenting with Different Looks

One of the greatest advantages of costume wigs is the ability to try out various looks without commitment. Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles and colors that you’ve always wanted to try. From elegant updos to bohemian braids, let your creativity flow and explore the limitless possibilities. Costume wigs empower you to express your unique style and transform your appearance effortlessly.

Caring for Your Costume Wig

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the quality and longevity of your costume wig. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Washing and Conditioning

Regularly washing and conditioning your wig is essential to remove any dirt, oil, or product buildup. Use a mild shampoo specifically formulated for wigs and lukewarm water. Gently lather the shampoo through the strands and rinse thoroughly. Follow up with a conditioner designed for wigs, focusing on the ends. Rinse the conditioner out completely to avoid weighing down the fibers.

Storing and Maintaining

When you’re not wearing your costume wig, it’s important to store it properly to prevent tangling and damage. Use a wig stand or a mannequin head to maintain the shape and structure of the wig. Avoid exposing the wig to direct sunlight or excessive heat, as this can cause fading or fiber damage. Additionally, keep the wig away from any sharp objects or pets that could potentially damage it.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Wig

To extend the lifespan of your costume wig, handle it with care and avoid excessive heat styling. Using a wig cap can protect your natural hair and prevent oils from transferring to the wig. Be mindful of any friction that can cause tangling, especially when wearing scarves or hats. With proper care and maintenance, your costume wig can last for a long time, providing endless style options.


Costume wigs have revolutionized the way we approach hairstyling. With their versatility, ease of use, and endless style options, these wigs allow you to transform your lookin an instant. Whether you want to experiment with different hairstyles, colors, or lengths, costume wigs offer a convenient and temporary solution. By following the proper care and styling techniques, you can maintain the quality and longevity of your wig, ensuring it remains a reliable and stylish accessory.

Getting help as quickly as possible is very important when you are going through the first stages of hair loss. This is something which you might feel shy or embarrassed about dealing with, but nothing is going to get better when you keep the problem to yourself.

However, things will start to improve once you have booked an appointment with a specialist clinic.

They can give you a range of different options to choose from, which will boost your confidence and allow you to stop your hair from falling out. This process can be achieved by hair extensions and specialist hair weaves. However, you might also want to use natural oils and hair-strengthening conditioners in order to make the hair grow back rather than just hiding the appearance of hair loss. When you need some help, the best place to go is a women hair loss clinic in Glasgow.

Eventually, your hair will start to recover from falling out. What are the signs that this is happening?

You Will Stop Seeing Hairs In The Shower

One of the biggest signs that you have stopped losing your hair is that you will no longer notice strands and clumps which appear in the shower every morning. Your hair is very delicate, so washing it with natural oils rather than harsh chemicals will allow the hair to grow stronger at the root and at the tip. Try and make sure that you go to the clinic again if you notice that the hair has started to fall out again. The clinic will be able to examine you, and they will give you further advice about why the hair loss has returned.

This advice could involve changing your shampoo or changing your diet. They may even suggest some treatments which will cover up the signs of hair loss if they return, such as hair implants. You will feel confident that your hair will grow back stronger than ever after this helpful advice.

You Will Stop Feeling Bald Spots When You Run Your Hand Through Your Hair

When your hair is feeling thick and lush, you want to be able to show it off for the entire world to see. Running your hands through your hair is one of the most pleasant sensations that anyone can have. This is something that you will be reluctant to do if you have bald spots. It can feel unpleasant to touch the bald spots and you will not feel like touching your hair at all.

However, when your hair starts to grow back, things will change. The bald spots that caused you lots of problems before will begin to disappear and you will feel much more confident. You will want to show your hair off again and you will not be able to stop running your fingers through it and smiling.

You should talk to a hair loss clinic, and once they have treated the problem you will see that things are improving.

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Diamonds are the world’s most valuable gemstone, an estimated $76 billion annually. Often bought to celebrate other events like engagements or anniversaries, diamonds are a key symbol of love and romance. But have you ever wondered what’s so special about diamonds that make them worth so much?

Many say it has something to do with their rarity, but this isn’t necessarily true. The new category of diamonds that is rising among modern-day investors is lab-created (grown) diamonds. These diamonds are synthesized in the lab using different methods than natural diamonds grown on the earth.

A Preface to Lab-Grown Diamonds

Synthesizing diamonds uses intense heat and pressure to compress carbon atoms into a crystalline form. Meanwhile, natural diamonds are also made of carbon, but they’re formed over time when carbon atoms crystallize through pressure and heat from inside the earth.

Natural diamonds are limited in quantity because this process takes millions of years. This is why Lab Grown Diamonds are now created in the lab in less than a week. Lab-grown diamond is not just for investors; it’s for any customer who wants to buy or invest in a stone that will last forever. Get detailed information about lab-grown diamonds on this website:

Why Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The popularity of lab-created diamonds has been rising steadily in recent years. This is because, according to experts and jewelers, these diamonds are perfect for people who don’t like the price of natural diamonds. But what exactly is so special about laboratory-created diamonds? Are they really worth more than natural diamonds? Here are six reasons why you should buy and wear lab-grown diamonds!

1. The Price of Natural Diamonds is Extremely High

You probably have seen a lot of ads online from diamond dealers and jewelers selling ‘natural’ diamonds that cost thousands of dollars, but this isn’t always true. This is because a lot of jewelers, especially online jewelers, are known for confusing shoppers with their false advertisements.

Natural diamonds are extremely rare and, therefore, expensive. As a result, there is a huge difference between the demand and mining of natural diamonds. This amount is equivalent to a cubic centimeter of gem-quality diamond crystals mined annually. On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than natural.

2. Synthetic Diamonds are Perfect for Investors

A lot of people love investing in diamonds. But this is hard to do because the cost of natural diamonds is so high. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are more affordable and practical for investors. Moreover, unlike natural rock-mined diamonds, these synthetic diamonds are easier to store and transport and have no limitations.

Also, when you buy synthetic diamonds, you can select which size, shape, and color you want, unlike buying natural rocks that are limited by the nature of the diamond mines.

3.  Easily Accessible for Everyone

Most people don’t know that most diamond dealers will not accept a return on their purchases if it is a natural diamond. This is why you need to check with the dealer about their returns or refund policy before buying. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are easier to return because they can be sold as ‘used.’ What’s more, synthetic diamonds can be cleaned using cleaning solutions if necessary!

4.  More Durable Than Natural Rocks

There isn’t too much difference in durability between lab-created and natural diamonds, but synthetic diamonds certainly win this round. Because synthetic diamonds are man-made, they are more durable than natural diamonds.

The gems found on earth are indeed really durable, but their durability depends on a number of factors, such as how many times they were hit or scratched. Synthetic diamonds are more resilient as compared to natural rock-mined diamonds, even if you could wear them daily and never take them off!

5.  Perfect Gift for Wedding Anniversaries

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring your beloved one, then I recommend buying lab-created diamonds instead of natural rocks. When it comes to celebration, a lot of people prefer getting something relevant to the season or celebration itself, like flowers and teddy bears. However, rocking a diamond ring is like wearing your love on your finger!

6.  Symbol of True Love and Affection

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring your beloved one, I recommend buying lab-created diamonds instead of natural rocks. When it comes to celebration, many people prefer getting something relevant to the season or celebration itself, like flowers and teddy bears. However, rocking a diamond ring is like wearing your love on your finger!

In a nutshell, synthetic diamonds are more affordable and practical for investors. They are also durable and perfect gifts for any occasion. Lab-created diamonds are usually sold at lower prices than their natural counterparts, but the quality and looks are just as good as natural! If you want to buy synthetic diamonds, then this is your chance!

Although buying has never been easier, it’s still so hard to choose the right product when you go shopping. We have the internet today, and shopping is made so easy. From browsing through products and seeing their features, to get them to our front door in a package – everything’s too easy.

Yet, we still struggle to get ourselves the best items we need. The reason behind this is that there are so many options, one can never be sure if they are making the right choice. Shopping is made easy, but choosing the right product is harder than ever. See more about shopping options of today here.

That’s why we’re making buying sunglasses simple. We will tell you what are the issues you need to mind and what are the crucial issues that you need to know before getting any. Using these tips, you’ll be able to choose the right sunglasses for you personally. See what we have prepared for you.

1. Make sure the frames fit your face

Everyone has a different face. There are almost 8 billion people on the planet, and no one has an identical face with someone else. However, everyone follows one of the few patterns. You may have a rectangular, round, elliptical, heart-shaped, or diamond face.

Based on this, you should look for the right frames for your face. You have cat-eye frames, aviators, rectangular, rounded glasses, and shapes that are hybrids between them. The rules say that you need a frame that will break the pattern. See what works best for you and looks perfect on your face, and go with it.

2. Are they branded or cheap-made replicas?

You mustn’t get a cheap-made piece and think you’re doing a great job. Yes, these are as affordable as they can be, and that’s the only positive side they have, which can never compensate for the negative ones.

Branded sunglasses will protect you and look perfectly on you. They will represent the style you’re aiming for and add value to your overall look. Get yourself some Palm Angels sunglasses and you’ll instantly feel cool and stylish. That’s not going to happen with a cheap replica.

3. What’s their sun-blocking factor?

Probably the most important part of your sunglasses shopping – the quality of the sunglasses. You need a product that will not harm you. The glass on them should be made perfectly and you need a piece that will block as much sunlight as possible.

Check out the features of the models you’re interested in. Compare them between each other and see which one has better numbers. Choose the ones that are going to provide better protection.


Of course, the right choice is a mix of all these points put together. It’s essential to get high-protective gear, but it also has to have a perfect style and fit your face. You can’t wear something that looks like you got from a horror movie set. You need a perfect combination of everything above. To learn more about the essential aspects of eye protection, visit this website:

Asian weddings are quite different from Western ones. They are not just about the bride and groom, but also about the family. They involve a lot of people and there are many rituals involved. This is why it is important to know what you need to do when you hire Asian Wedding Cars for your wedding.

The first thing you need to do when hiring Asian Wedding Cars is to check whether they are licensed. You can check this by looking at their website or calling them up. Their details should be easy to find on their website or in their brochure. A licensed company will have all of their licences and certifications displayed on their website so that you can see that they are legitimate companies who have been approved by the government agency that regulates such things as transport services and vehicles in your country. You will also want to make sure that the company offers an insurance policy for any passengers being transported in their vehicles as well as protection against theft or damage from accidents while driving on public roads or places where other people might be injured if something goes wrong while driving those vehicles around.

Asian weddings can be very expensive and you might want to hire the best possible car for your special day. But, at the same time, you need to ensure that you don’t go overboard with your spending. Make sure that you have a cap in mind and stick to it when hiring Asian wedding cars.

There are many types of Asian wedding cars available in the market today. You need to find out how many guests will be attending your event so that you can hire a car accordingly. If there are going to be many guests at your event then hiring a Rolls Royce would not be a good idea as it may not fit into the parking space at the venue easily. So, make sure that you know how many people will be coming along with you before making any final decisions about hiring Asian wedding cars in London today!

Hiring an Asian wedding car isn’t just about transportation – it’s also about the entertainment value! You can expect the driver and other members of the team to be dressed in traditional garb and play music from their country of origin. This will really add to the atmosphere of your wedding day if you have guests who enjoy this kind of thing.

Asian wedding cars come in many different shapes and sizes so make sure you do some research before making your choice! You might want a sleek limousine or something more extravagant like a huge Hummer or Mercedes Benz. You could even go for something smaller like a vintage Volkswagen camper van if that fits in with your theme better!

When your lips are dry and chapped, lip balms come as a number one solution. Their purpose is to protect the lips. This lip salve is a wax-like substance topically used on the lips for better moisturizing and relieving cold sores. Get detailed information about methods to take care of your dry skin, on this website:


They contain butter (Vaseline, shea butter, lanolin) which aids in loss of water. Then, wax is added to make it sticky so that it’s easy to apply on the lips. Although they are therapeutic, the lip balms which come in tubs or tins have way less wax than the tubes or twist-up balms. The wax also helps in the shine of lip gloss.

Camphor or mint/menthol is also added in lip balms which are medicated. They give a tingling sensation to keep the lips cool, usually used for irritated lips.

The main thing is SPF. Sun protection for the skin even is essential, so definitely. So it goes for the lips. Some contain SPF 30 or even vitamin C, and E works the best to repair and neutralize skin’s collagen.

The formula for anti-ageing is also common, like hyaluronic acid or moisturizer, as these help in plumping and reduce furrows near the lips.

When you wear bold lipstick, applying Best Lip balm around the lip will retain the lipstick from bleeding colour. Hence, this is an additional benefit of wearing it when you go out.


Nowadays, options are no less for skincare. Every brand has the best of products which or work for some and some don’t. Some summer essentials would apply mists. They come in handy and are very cooling on the face. Cucumber toner suits the best to hydrate the skin. It helps on the days where you have got sunburnt. It will help in cooling the damaged skin.


  • Peel, wash and slice a cucumber and add water to them
  • Heat on the gas for 5-7 minutes before adding it to the blender
  • Pour the mixture into a mesh cloth and squeeze out the liquid
  • Transfer the liquid into a bottle and keep it aside
  • Additions to this could be rose water, jojoba oil, or witch hazel to give a more healing effect


  • Usually, you can use it as a toner, as it has natural toning properties.
  • You can also use it as a face mist; it gives a very cooling effect in summers after washing your face.
  • Another way would be to pat on the cotton pad and use it on your eyes to avoid puffing or soreness in them.

Shelf life

When you make it fresh, Best cucumber toner stays good for 4-5 days when refrigerated. If you want, rose petals also can be replaced with the same process. As it is an easy process, it is recommended to use it as soon as you make it instead of storing it for months.

Summing up, skincare is essential, and it’s needed by everyone to follow. Lip balms and toners come in handy and are like miracles for dry skin types.

In relation to deciding on wedding rings, platinum is the maximum popular desire. Regarded for being the king of all minerals, it has a unique appeal and is suitable for both males and females. Today, maximum couples choose to personalize their diamond wedding ceremony jewelry in keeping with their specifications. As an example, private messages, wedding ceremony dates, names, and so forth. They are engraved at the internal of the belt. If this is your first time buying online, it pays to understand the finer details of purchasing earrings online. Shopping for silicone wedding rings online is a laugh and will absolutely produce better consequences, as you may cautiously take a look at every product at your personal pace. However, it’d be excellent in case you stored in thoughts checking your online store heritage earlier than logging in.

Guidelines to use before buying

Knowing precisely what you want will save you lots of time searching the net. Right here are some suggestions you can use before purchasing. First, determine the price range. This is very vital because platinum is generally costly, and if you may find the money to shop for platinum, you could select much less high-priced white gold jewelry. Bridal bands are to be had in pairs for the bride and groom, so determine whether or not you need to buy a pair or individual portions. Determine in case you need to customize the earrings, and in that case, what layout and pattern info you need to consist of. Decide in case you need to include diamonds inside the ring. Keep your ring size ready.

Suggestions for purchasing rings online

Begin by trying to find earrings shops with a relied-on online presence. Do a history check in two online shops. Select the few you suspect to have a larger and better selection than guys’ silicone wedding ceremony rings and other bridal rings. Discover each web page in detail, no longer just the products however also the rest of the facts, from their testimonials to services, rules, delivery, and phrases and situations. Do particular studies so you have the time to take a tough observe the products that hobby you. If a particular website online does now not provide exact records on every piece of jewelry, it is pleasant to avoid those shops.

Crucial rings data to check

When shopping for rings online, there are sure matters to appearance out for. Jewelers must offer a certificate of authenticity no longer handiest for the treasured metals used in diamond wedding ceremony bands but also for diamonds. Ensure that the products are IGI or GIA certified. You ought to also request a different certificate that indicates the composition and specifications of the mineral. If your online jeweler offers buyback offerings, check to peers if the shop will provide any certificate you can declare while reselling the jewelry.

Complicated the classics is probably what you need to take your purchasing to enjoy to the subsequent stage and upload a layer of a specific style to your earrings.

A wedding means getting a new place, and your new home always needs an Interior Designer. So if you are getting a new house do contact philadelphia interior decorator as they have the best service available for you.

We all need special traditional kid’s wear for special occasions including weddings, sangeets, engagements, and other marriage functions to dress your baby boy distinctively. One of the best outfits for Shaadi and Indian festivals is readymade Indian ethnic boy’s clothing. You can give your little darling an incredible look for occasions like Mehandi, wedding reception, Barat, and more with Jodhpuri suits for kids, readymade kids kurta pajamas in various styles, sherwanis, and indo-western wedding ceremony dresses.

Angrakha Style Jacket and Breeches Sets

For a trendy look, choose a kid Angrakha style Nehru jacket with breeches, which makes an excellent traditional Shaadi outfit. This suit concept combines a readymade toddler Angrakha style salwar kameez with comfortable breeches to make a wonderful addition to your baby’s wedding dress range.

Sherwani Dress

You can give your child a vibrant look. Bollywood sherwanis are handsome wedding dresses for boys from India. Choose from a variety of one-year-old baby boy Pakistani sherwanis to dress your child in the most unique and fashionable attire for his sangeet, Barat, or wedding reception.

Kurta Pajama with Nehru Jackets

Toddler special occasion dresses for boys can be made out of kid’s kurta pajamas. The little prince Nehru jackets that come with these typical baby boy dresses come in a variety of colors. To give your child a smart look for Mehandi or Shaadi reception, buy these rich and royal Indian ethnic clothes for boys online or offline in interesting designs and patterns.

Indo Western Festive & Party Sherwani Dress

Indo western suits for boys are another fashionable choice for Indian wedding attire. For occasions such as Shaadi, Barat, or festivals, a child sherwani dress with breeches is a fantastic option. For a charming look, shop these trendy Indian sherwanis for boys.

Cotton Kurta Pajama

Indian kids kurta pajamas are the perfect kid’s ethnic wear to have if you’re looking for impeccable party wear for your baby boy. These cotton, silk, and linen kurta pajamas for boys are a must-have traditional dress for baby boys, as well as being extremely comfortable. Make certain you have these children’s clothes for your prince.

Jodhpuri Suit

The Jodhpuri Suit for children never fails to impress. For weddings, unions, or wedding receptions, choose Jodhpuri sherwanis or Jodhpuri suits. Indian kids wear royal Jodhpuri suits that add a royal touch to your boy’s personality and make him stand out.

Designer Dhoti Kurta for Little Boys

The cutest traditional clothing for baby boys is the Dhoti Kurta for kids. For festive occasions, weddings, sangeets, and other marriage events shop online for Dhoti Kurta set for 1-year-old boys and 6-month-old infants. This is unquestionably a must-have piece of ethnic wear for young boys.

Essential oils offer many health benefits, and this is the reason why many people love using essential oils. It brings joy to many users; however, it is crucial to follow the safety guidelines. And there is a good number of people who are confused about the safety of the essential oil.

Essential oils are safe to use, but they can also be dangerous at the same time. Overusing them will do harm to your body, and therefore, it is vital to follow the safety guidelines. Let’s look at some of the answers and questions that will help you determine whether they are safe to use or not.

Are these Essential Oils Really Safe?

The essential oils have a great past of safe and effective use, for everything varying from personal sanitation and cooking to spiritual and health benefits. When you use suitable amounts of your favorite pure essential oils, they are perfectly safe enough to try at home for yourself and with your loved ones.

The finest essential oils go through substantial purity testing to secure safety. Knowing about appropriate use and dosage will help you to safely use essential oils at home while having fun with the benefits of natural good. However, not following the safety procedure will bring harm to your body.

How to Use Pure Essential Oils Safely and Securely?

Before you use your favorite essential oils, keep in your mind that not all oils are produced equally. Generally, high-quality essential oils go through levels of diligent testing to ensure that the product is safe enough to use. Not all companies use rigorous testing methods, and many essential oil distributors will use synthetic and artificial fillers that change the efficacy of the oils. Therefore, it is essential to choose a good quality essential oil, like the ones in Young Living Essential Oil.

Some Essential Oil Safety Guidelines for You!

When it comes to using your essential oils, there are a few safety guidelines that you must follow. Here are some of the reliable practices for safe essential oil usage:

  • Always Read the Labels:Don’t use your oil bottle without reading the label. Pay attention to any specified alert mentioned on the packaging and stick to any instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid Certain Areas: Try to avoid putting oils inside your nose, ears, eyes, broken skin, or any other sensitive areas.
  • Dilute Your Oils: Always dilute the essential oil when using it for the first time, or applying it to sensitive skin, or using it with children.
  • Know Your Oils:Keep in mind to always be attentive to labels with warnings about your strong oils.
  • Be Careful of Sun Sensitivity: Before using an essential oil nominally, go through the label for any sun sensitivity alerts. Try to avoid direct sunlight for at least 12 hours following the tray of these essential oils on the skin.
  • Practice safe and Secure Storage:Make sure to stock your favorite essential oils out of reach of kids. This precaution will help prevent accidental chug. Also, you must have to keep your essential oils away from excessive light or heat out there, as this can change the chemical properties of an essential oil remarkably.
  • Talk to a Healthcare Expert:If you have any specific health issues, then consult with your doctor or your healthcare expert before trying any essential oils.

Essential oils are primarily safe to use; however, following the safety precautions is a necessity. Following the safety precautions will help you obtain the benefits to the full extent.

5 Styles of Dress For Your Big Day

Are you trying to narrow down your wedding dress style? Which will you choose? Sweetheart or mermaid, dome skirt or A-line? Check out some flattering ideas here.

Do you have a wedding to plan? Congratulations! Your wedding day is the most wonderful day of your life, and you’ll need a magical dress fit for a queen. Of course, there are a variety of looks to choose from, which can fit your personal style. Whether you’re hoping to look elegant, romantic, natural or alluring, Karim London offers an extensive collection of wedding dresses to suit every type of bride. Choose from some of the following, depending on your own shape and individual style.


The mermaid, or fishtail look, enhances the natural silhouette by using an elongated bodice which then flares out at the knee into a fuller skirt. This creates the perfect hourglass image which is of course incredibly flattering. The Maddie dress embraces the mermaid by incorporating an intricately beaded bodice with glitter detailing, before falling away to a subtle fishtail shape. As well as a dramatic neckline and a scooped back, this has a really contemporary feel about it.

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline both lifts and supports the breasts which offers great comfort for a bride with a fuller figure, whilst being appealing too. A neckline of this type also draws the eye to the bodice of a wedding dress which can be adorned with beautifully embroidered lace, beads or stones. The Addison is a stunning example of a sweetheart dress, featuring an off the shoulder design before plunging to a deep neckline. The style brings together a combination of both romantic and medieval elements and looks simply incredible.

Princess Style Skirt

If you’ve always dreamed of being a princess, then what better time to make this a reality than your wedding day? A regal style of ball gown has a slim-cut bodice before falling at the hips to an enormous dome-shaped skirt. This style is absolutely timeless, and you’ll be transformed into the middle of your very own fairy tale when you slip it on. Karim London offers this pure elegance in the form of the romantic Hazel dress. It incorporates a sheer layer of fabric on top of the striking princess skirt, as well as pretty detailing in the bodice.

Free Flowing Sleeves

Are you the free-spirited type? If so, then you’ll need a dress which matches your style. Free-flowing sleeves give the appearance of being carefree and very much at ease. If you’re getting married outdoors or perhaps on a beach, then a dress with free-flowing sleeves is the perfect Bohemian choice. Both the Ashley and the Violet dresses from Karim London’s collection both embody that floaty, light-hearted relaxed vibe and are absolutely charming.


If you’re looking for a dress style which is flattering for every type of figure, then the A-line is a great choice. A tight bodice naturally highlights your body’s narrowest point, before the skirt falls away. The flares of the dress make it suitable for all, and can incorporate a trail of any length. The Harley design is styled with a stunning pleated skirt, a strapless neckline and delicate flowers around the belt of the dress.

Are you ready to pick the wedding dress of your dreams? Check out Karim London’s exquisite range today, and keep an eye out for generous price reductions in the regular Sale.