Accessoright – Watches, Shoes And Jewellery Basics


The right accessories are required to finish your look to satisfaction. We list a few ways to look ‘just right’.

As a woman, you are so obsessed with getting your clothing choices right that you often leave accessory shopping for later. But accessories can often achieve the effect that clothing cannot. Here’s how:

* Watch it. Wearing a sleeveless blouse but leaving your arms bare? We’re not saying you should wear solid gold armbands or decorate your arms with henna. But have you noticed how the simple act of wearing a ladies watch can highlight your arms? A ladies watch in a slim metal belt and a small dial can highlight your sculpted arms to great effect. Ladies watches are available in different brands and types, across the most popular online shopping sites. Do peruse the latest collections before picking a ladies watch.

* Jazz up a dull outfit. If your workplace attire is often a slightly drab one – black, grey or blue pant suits, or a skirt-and-blouse combination in muted colours – then you will quickly descend into ‘auntyji’ fashion hell. The point of dressing up is to get noticed, not to blend in the crowd. Here’s a quick way to jazz up your drab workwear outfit: drape a scarf in an eye-catching colour around your throat, and match it with a pair of wedge or stiletto heels in the same colour. Or if you’re wearing a muted grey suit, carry a flaming red handbag to offset the dullness of your ensemble.

* Let your shoes do the talking. Your shoes can be the centre point of your ensemble, but you have to get them just right. For example, if you’re wearing a jeans and tee combo, don’t wear belly flats or flip flops. Instead, opt for sneakers in a bright colour and see how your entire outfit transforms from drab to fab. Highlight your sneakers by folding your pants up at the ankle for about two inches. Or if you’re wearing a salwar kameez, elevate your look with a stunning pair of kitten heels or sandals.

* Bag that style. Another accessory that you can use to great effect is the handbag. Too often, women relegate their handbags to secondary status, treating them as receptacles for all the stuff that they lug around. But the right bag can create the most dramatic effect, if it is crafted in an unusual shape, or if it features a hot colour like scarlet, flaming orange or neon blue. Why just handbags, you can create a splash even with a stunning clutch or a small purse slung on your shoulder.

* Statement jewellery hits all the right notes. Jewellery is dear to every woman, and you just can’t get enough of it. Whether it is a gold bracelet or a sterling silver pendant, the right jewellery can elevate your look quite dramatically. Follow this rule when wearing gold or gold plated jewellery: it goes well with black, white, pearl and off white clothing. Silver, meanwhile, looks great on dark colours.