A Guide to Sourcing a Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist

Organising a wedding is certainly not for the faint hearted, what with so much to plan and arrange, and the floral arrangements come high on the list of priorities. You might be lucky and have a good friend who has recently got married and they are happy to recommend their florist, but failing that, here are some important points to bear in mind when selecting a florist for bridal flower arrangements.

  • Choose Someone Local –It is much better to use a local florist, as you will be able to visit their store a few times prior to the big day, and with many wedding florists in Brisbane, you will have no shortage of willing candidates. The Internet is always a good source of information, and by typing “wedding flower packages, Brisbane” into the Google search window, you should have a long list of suitable florists to browse.
  • Make Contact Well In Advance – Florists are busy people, especially in the spring and summer months, which is the time for most weddings, and as soon as you begin to plan the wedding, you should begin your search for a suitable florist. There would be several top class florists that provide wedding bouquets in Brisbane, and with a little online browsing, you will hopefully find one that is able to fit you into their busy schedule.
  • Look for Testimonials – Any florist that is professional would have many happy customers and this should be evident on their website. As you would expect, Brisbane wedding bouquets are very popular, therefore you should be able to view client testimonials on the florist’s website, which will give you a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Ask Questions – A professional florist would be accustomed to many questions from a potential client, and prior to an initial meeting, it is a good idea to prepare a few questions in advance. The florist would have many mock up samples of various bridal bouquets using artificial flowers, enabling you to browse before making any decisions. It is always a good idea to meet up with the florist well in advance, and during that meeting, the florist will gather information that will help them to prepare suitable floral arrangements, and this is the time to talk about cost and also variations in themes.
  • Affordability – The best florist doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive, and it is wise to compare a few quotes before agreeing to anything. While price shouldn’t be the be all and end all, look for a mid-range quotation, providing, of course, you are happy with what the florist shows you.

Sourcing the right florist is very much down to how you go about your search, and if you look for a company that is local and has a good name in the industry, your floral wedding arrangements should be everything you expected, and a little more.