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The Latest fashion Trends for Men, Women and Kids

Change is the only constant thing and the same goes for fashion. It changes at a very rapid speed. Sometimes, peeped toe heels are fashion and sometimes even wearing flip-flops at office becomes a trend. However, complex this thing is, everybody wishes to be in fashion. They love to be the center of attraction and don’t want to lag behind others. It is not just women that find it necessary to be in fashion, but even a lot of men are conscious about their appearance in public. Couples are making sure that their children look no less attractive than royal and star kids. It is the medium through fashion that people can actually achieve in becoming a bit more like celebrities.

No Sandals

If you think only women are liable to fashion, then you are completely mistaken. Now, it is the perfect time to discard all flip flops out of the men-closets. They will need to understand the single fact that lack of pedicures can turn their feet into trash and you cannot expect trash look good with anything. Boat shoes look amazing when wore the right pair of trousers.

You can find them in any leading supermarket and store. Deck shoes designs have recently grabbed the attention of men fashion critics. Espadrilles generally look good on men. However, you will need to wear shorts, as they really don’t go with long trousers. Loafers are considered to be the best summer shows.

Women in Skirts

Have you ever considered of wearing your granny’s skirt? No, then it is time that you do. The latest fashion week has witnessed designers going all over granny styled skirts that are long, bulky and floral printed. These skirts are getting the eye ball rolled. You can mix and match them with a neatly tailored blouse. The latest fashion is to match them with loose sweaters that really help to complete the entire look. You can put your hair down with the outfit and can even make a simple low ponytail. Try going for solid colored skirts or if you prefer femininity, then you can buy those pink flower printed skirts.

Baby Wear

The recent birth of the royal baby has created quite a bit of hype all around the globe. Now every fashion house is indulging itself in creating baby cloth wear. Most of these fashion companies have designed cashmere knitted cloths and are even encasing them in leather suitcase. These clothing can become excellent fashion statements for your infant.

Try to go for dresses that are embellished with lace and embroideries. Handmade apparels make it altogether more special for you’re newly born. If your baby has just taken birth recently, then it means he is the fruit of summer. Now, try to get luxury cots and prams for your precious one. You consider your baby the most important asset of your life and so it is time to make them look like that.


Royal Ascot Ladies Day – A Celebration of Fashion

As an occasion to dress up in your finest and experience the magic of a royal tradition, Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot Races is the top of the list! This is one event where the ladies of Britain can be seen in their finest outfits and the most flamboyant hats, attending an annual event that is at the centre of the country’s tradition.

While the dress code and rules for the event have been tightened up, it’s only fitting for an occasion created for royalty. In fact, while bets on which horse will win a race run high, they’re easily matched by the bets placed on the Queen’s outfits! Glamour and sophistication are the key factors that come in play, so it’s a day to truly be a lady with all your grace and style!

Also known as the Ascot Gold Cup, this annual event is a chance for the most fashionable and stylish women to dress with elegance and refinement. In order to reflect their inherent glamour and sense of style, women attending the Ascot Races always turn up in their finest and often boldest outfits so that they stand out among their peers.

Ascot Ladies Day Trends

Some of the trends that the fashion fraternity predict for the event this year include:

Flamboyant Headgear

As always, the Ascot Races are dominated by the boldest, brightest and most intricate headgear that designers can imagine. While some of these are feathered and colourful, others are statement pieces that are designed to raise eyebrows. Either way, hats or headpieces are part of the dress code for the Royal Enclosure, or fascinators for the grandstand.

You can choose to reflect your inner personality with the headgear that you wear to the event, so go as wild or refined as you like. Hats are an essential part of the big day and we are likely to see them getting even bigger and bolder this year!

Colours for the Win

While 2012 was all about the brightest colours that could be translated into clothing, this year is likely to see more people in floral prints and muted colours. Light shades and pastel hues have always been a favourite with well-dressed ladies and the appeal of these is going to reflect in the Ladies Day outfits.

While bold colours are great if you can carry them well, you may want to take a few hints from the fashion leaders. The royal family has always been a huge source of inspiration for Ascot fashion, so you can’t really go wrong if you stick to the beauty and refinement they reflect at any event!

Restrictions for Outfits

While picking out an outfit for the races, remember that the event dress code rules have become more stringent, so baring your shoulder or midriff might grab the attention of the fashion police. Since the occasion demands a high level of style as well as the grace that is expected from women in the country, choose your clothes and accessories with care!


Kigurumi: Current Japanese fashion trends

Forget haute couture and catwalk fashion shows – in Japan, the place to go to find the current hot fashion fads is the streets. Fearless, innovative and imaginative Japanese teenagers and young adults lead the way when it comes to dictating trends, and the designers and manufacturers are left to follow in their wake in this society where fashion is more multi-layered, quirky and diverse than anywhere else in the world.

The hub of Japanese fashion is the area around Harajuku train station in Tokyo, which has given its name to a whole fashion genre, encompassing an ever-evolving list of sub-cultures. Hang out in Harajuku and you will see it all, both in and out of the stores, from traditional kimonos worn by white-faced geisha look-alikes to Gothic and hip-hop, and Kigurumi (dressing up in anime costumes). The range on offer would even make the flamboyant rock star Lady Gaga fade into the background!

The over-riding theme in Japanese street fashion can very evidently be summed up in one word – ‘cute’. This is hardly surprising in the country that spawned Hello Kitty and a host of adorable animal costumes. Kigurumi animal and character suits are obviously hugely popular as part of this frenzied fashion scene, and tame enough to be increasingly adopted by less daring Americans, Brits and Europeans.

Japan undoubtedly puts the fun into fashion with a capital ‘F’, but to emulate the Japanese trends one has to study up and become a bit of a fashion fundi. Mixing and matching is okay, but only within the bounds of the sub-culture you choose.

One of the biggest trends currently finding fashion favour in Japan is the Lolita look, which sticks to the cutesy theme, but with a variety of overtones, all reminiscent of the fictional English boarding school St. Trinians (created by cartoonist Ronald Searle, who spent time in a Japanese POW camp during WW2), which satirised posh British boarding schools. Followers of this fashion all stick to the basics: knee-length schoolgirl socks, short, full skirts puffed up with petticoats, and lacy, ruffled blouses, accessorised with boots, pretty purses and parasols. Some go Gothic, choosing dark colours and religious reliquaries as jewellery. Others mix in punk influences, or go pretty in pastels with buttons and bows. Lolita is not just for girls – boys can adopt the look too with knee-length pants and top hats, offset with lacy cuffs.

Another big trend is to follow one of the incarnations of a look known as Visual Kei – all grounded in androgynous extravagant outfits, thick make-up and unusual hairstyles, inspired by Western-style glam rock. Piercings are peculiar to the look, especially the sub-set of Angura Kei, which demands black clothing accessorised with spikes and chains. There are new versions of Kei too, sticking to the cute theme – inspired by ageless fairytales.  Dolly Kei and Fairy Kei require pastel rainbow shades, vintage clothing and pretty accessories.

It’s all bizarre, but rather beautiful, still being eagerly discovered by a world hungry for unique new looks.


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Top 5 Trends From London Fashion Week

With the world of fashion a topsy-turvy world, it can be difficult to keep track of what is in, what’s out and what it’s all about this season. Step forward the world famous London Fashion Week to direct and dress us ready for the upcoming seasons.

With last September bearing witness to the must-have wardrobe additions for Spring/Summer, last month saw our eyes open to what 2013’s later months will hold host to. The rumours of trends making a return and the murmurs of unwritten fashion secrets were already circulating months before and the show didn’t disappoint.

So once your bikinis are away, the sun cream is bottled and those short shorts are stored away for another year, what trends can you rely on to brighten your autumn/winter months?

Pink & Red

Dusty pinks and emotive reds were all ablaze on London’s catwalks as designers looked to embrace these elegant and natural colours. Best matched with dark colours or as an all-in-one outfit, their stand-out ability from the muted palettes of the conventional colours schemes makes them the perfect compliment to those long autumn nights.

Turtle neck

Often considered a brave and controversial trend, the turtle neck has indeed extended its long neck out from behind its shell this year. The perfect tool for layering and accentuating, the turtle neck is a style that can ooze elegance and class if combined with the right outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colours and styles.


The go-to girl of women’s fashion, the leopard skin print is often the saviour of many girls’ nights out as they struggle to find something that will ‘go’. What many designers experimented with was breaking up the pattern with bright and bold belts and accessories to a great effect. Its proud heritage and season-round appreciation make it one of the must-have additions for your wardrobe.

Split Sleeves & Skirts

The most original and wondrous trend to come from the catwalk last month was the micro-trend that see’s our clothing torn at the seams. From split sleeves to split skirts, first seen on the summer catwalks, the allure of flesh and their seductive nature make this brave style one that will become ever more popular. Expect to see this trend flourish this year.


Secreting comfort and sophistication, velvet is something that many people associate with the bedroom more than fashion. But designers have bought this eloquent of materials back into the fold. With the attributes to keep you warm as well as looking good enough to eat, this bold look is one that can be transferred for both business and pleasure.

Look Good All Year Round

 Never underestimate the limits of fashion. With success of this year’s London Fashion Week, the real underlying emphasis clearly was on standing out from the drear and drabs of the autumn and winter months.

So don’t get down when the sun finally sets on the summer months. Relish in the fact that you have a wardrobe that is more than ready for what 2013 has in store.

With London Fashion Week over for another season, Phil Warrington writes on what trends will be looking to catch on this 2013 thanks to Shop Foundation; an established woman’s clothes retailor and spills the secrets on what to wear this Autumn/Winter season.

A New High Fashion Trend

During the last years around the world fashion industry has being experiencing a kind of return to the tradition wit ethnic designs and patterns in both terms of color as well as shape. In the context many traditional fabrics, clothes and accessories have found their way back to our closet. African and Far East clothes can not be left out. One can say that they have gained territory and are presented as the fashion icon of the present days.

One of these styles that we have previously mentioned comes to us from Swahili and it is called kikois. You may not be familiar with the terms but you have most probably seen them somewhere. This term suggests the color design of a fabric with strips of different colors but it also means the way this fabric is used. This type of cloth is consisted on just one piece of cloth of a square cutting that is worn as a long skirt around the waist.

Even though it was traditionally used by Swahili male sailors and warriors, Western Civilization has modified its use to both men and women.

Created for the hot tropical temperatures there is not a surprise that this outfit is much used during summer time around the world. For a period it was somehow forgotten for it was considered as something too simple to be high fashion but as patterns change so has the position of this cloth.

What Changed Now?

First of all the fabrics became more elaborate. Traditionally this piece of cloth is made of cotton (100% cotton) witch keeps the individual wearing it cool regardless how high it is the temperature outside. The new technologies have made possible during the previous decades the cloth to be made of different materials that had a lower cost in comparison to cotton but they were more colorful and playful.

The trend today is for the fabrics to be made of organic materials such as the traditional cotton and the colors to be extract of biological origin. In this way the high quality the cloth is combined with the environmentally conscious choice of not using chemical colors that are bad for the health of people and are bad for the environment around us.

As people turn more and more toward these kind of choices it is only natural for them to look for them in different cultures that are more in touch with nature that western civilization and not only residents.

Another reason is the economic crisis that has stricken during the last years every part of the world. That has created a need for clothes that are both limited in terms of cost and multi functional. The kikoy is exactly that kind of cloth for on the one hand it has its traditional use but on the other one can use it as a scarf, a dress, a head band etc while one can also use them in the house for decoration reasons.

Is It A Matter Of Distribution Or Taste?

Today’s society is both multicultural and highly globalize. In such an environment it is only normal that things that some decades ago seem light years away now are one click ago. It is not that these types of clothing can not be found if searched in a city but the internet age has brought everybody so close together.

On internet one can find a wide variety of such gowns as well as different qualities of fabric and different designs. You can enter every such provider’s boutique and find kikoy that most fit your personality. The easy way we have today access to so many products have encouraged the production of high quality product that are now more available to now as ever.

As technology progresses this kind of cloths become more known and there fore more available to more people. Individuals become more open minded and find them selves trying new things. As our mind broadens so are our choices and the more someone knows the more confident it feels to try something that it may not fit its previous patterns of aesthetics and design.

In conclusion one can say with certainty that simplicity, traditional fabrics and ethnic designs are back to fashion stronger and more creative than ever before.